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Coaches Code of Conduct

MTFC is a volunteer organization. Therefore, we are always seeking parents and/or coaches that want to make a difference in the lives of children. Without volunteers our program would not be able to function.
Coaches are expected to meet the following criteria:
  • Serve as a positive influence by displaying good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Refrain from the use of bad language, alcohol or tobacco products while in the presence of the team. 
  • Be on time for games and practices.
  • Make practices and games fun for all children.
  • Communicate regularly with the parents/players.
  • Encourage all children regardless of their skill level.
  • Be a good ambassador for the league.
  • Attend coaches meetings before, during and after the season.
  • Attend the coaches' training sessions.
  • Submit to a league-provided background check.
  • Submit player rating forms upon request.
Although the coach will stress the importance of trying hard at all times, winning is not in the above list of priorities. As a matter of fact, it is not on the list at all.  

Disputes involving a coach or referee should be addressed to the Board of Directors.

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

Among other things, the MTFC parent code of conduct states “I will not criticize referees, I will address any problems quietly and only with my team coach, I will set a good example of sportsmanship for the children, and I will always refrain from using abusive or profane language.” 

In the event a coach, parent, or spectator loses his or her temper during games and displays unsportsmanlike like conduct, the referee has the authority to ask such individuals to leave the park property. If asked to leave the park you are expected to do so immediately. Refusal to do so voluntarily will result in your being escorted from the park by the proper authorities.
The referee also has the authority to suspend or cancel the game should it become necessary. The league has a disciplinary committee to address behavioral issues as needed which could lead to temporary and/or permanent expulsion from the league.
Spectators should remain on the side of the field opposite the team bench between the corner flags during games. Spectators are not allowed to stand at either end of the field while the game is in process. Each team is allowed two coaches on the team sideline during games. 
Concerning Referees
MTFC referees are to be treated with the respect. Oftentimes our referees are at the beginning stages or their refereeing careers and are working to gain experience and improve their ref skills just as your children are working to improve their soccer skills. 

The number one cause for referees quitting after a season or two is fear; not fear of making a mistake as much as fear of verbal abuse from a parent, coach or player. Knowing the rules does not make referees infallible. Referees, just like players and coaches, make mistakes. The referee has a much different angle on what happens on the field than a player or coach and is in better position to make a judgment call on what actually did or did not occur. For example, in soccer, unlike other sports, the referee will often see a foul and purposely not whistle the infraction when so doing would actually benefit the offending team. 

Please don’t say anything to a referee you would not want someone saying to your child. 


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